Embroidery can be used for a variety of applications such as apparel, hats and bags. Thread is ‘stitched’ in a variety of colours directly to the product. The end result is a very professional look for your business. Your logo or image can be sent to us in the following electronic formats: .jpeg, .bmp, .ai, .eps or .pdf.

We begin by taking your logo or name and “digitizing” the artwork. This is the specialised process of converting two dimensional artwork into stitches. You can select virtually any colour and we will match it to a thread that is closest.
Note: Colour combinations need to be considered to the colour garments they are going on. (Black thread on a black garment won’t stand out). We will assist you with colour combinations for different colour garments.

There is an initial cost (set-up fee) to “digitise” your artwork. Once that is completed there is a “run- charge” for each item. If the artwork remains the same size, you can continue to use the same digitised artwork for future jobs.

Pricing is also based upon the number of stitches. As you can imagine, the more stitches that are involved in your artwork, the longer the production time and the more thread is used. A basic logo on a cap or shirt will generally run about 7,600 stitches. Once you provide us with artwork we can give you an estimate of cost.

Once you approve your artwork, your job goes into production. We can produce embroidered pieces in just about any size. Do keep in mind that small type fonts are difficult to reproduce. Generally, we like to have letters at least 5mm tall. Also, if you have a very large logo it may sag or even become difficult to wear. For standard front logos on left chest we work on a max of 90mm wide. For back embroidery we work on approx. 230mm wide. Width will depict the height.



This is one of the oldest methods of printing. It is a stencil method of print making in which a design is imposed on a screen of silk or fine mesh, with blank areas coated with an impermeable substance. Ink is forced through the mesh onto the printing surface.

Artwork is preferred in a vector format (eps, .ai or. Cdr, Hi-res JPG or PDF). If your artwork is substandard it will have to be cleaned up / redrawn. This will be an additional charge and cost depends on how much work is involved cleaning up the file.

Screen printing allows up to a five colour print. However, there is a charge for the set-up of each colour as each colour requires it’s own screen.

Screen printing also requires a minimum print run of 10 garments due to the involved set-up process. Some garments due to fabric or construction are unable to be printed.

Call us to discuss your printing requirements and we can step you through the process.

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